October 19, 2021

[CES 2019] Lenovo Smart Watch helps you fall asleep and talk about traffic jams

[CES 2019] Lenovo Smart Watch helps you fall asleep and talk about traffic jams

Lenovo has introduced a new smartwatch that supports Google Assistant. This compact gadget will help organize your day.

New Lenovo Smart Clock support touch control, and also respond to voice commands. This device with a 4-inch screen is very compact – the developers tried to make it small so that it could easily fit on the bedside table. The surface of a smartwatch is covered with a soft-touch fabric.

A big role in this useful gadget is Google Assistant. For example, with its help it will be possible to use a key phrase to turn off the light in a room. You just need to say a phrase, like, for example, β€œOk, Google, good night!”. But, of course, this trick will work if there is smart lighting in your home.

Some people prefer to fall asleep to light, relaxing music, meditation or the sounds of wildlife. You can ask the virtual assistant to turn on the desired track, and the Lenovo Smart Clock will start playing the melody.

[CES 2019] Lenovo Smart Watch helps you fall asleep and talk about traffic jams 2
A little digging in the settings of the smartwatch, you can set the mode, during which in the morning the display lights will gradually become brighter. The mode will automatically turn on half an hour before the alarm goes off. The developers believe that a gradual increase in brightness will help a person to wake up before the call is triggered. After this, the smartwatch will launch the morning program, which the user will customize to fit his needs. For example, Lenovo Smart Clock will tell you about the weather, give you the latest news, remind you about planned activities and warn you about traffic jams on your way to work.

Even more opportunities open up for people whose home is filled with various smart devices. In this case, the β€œsmart” clock will be able to command the coffee maker to prepare morning coffee for you, turn on the heater in the living room, check the video cameras near the entrance door, and so on. Lenovo said that their new product supports work with more than 10 thousand smart devices of 1000 brands.

The start of sales of new items was appointed in the spring of this year. But the cost of hours set at around $ 80.

Source: lenovo

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