October 28, 2021

Expert advice: do not discuss New Year’s gifts with Alexa or Google Assistant

Expert advice do not discuss New Year's gifts with Alexa or Google Assistant

Cyber Security Specialist Matt Horan advises not to discuss the purchase of gifts with virtual assistants. Otherwise, Alexa or Google Assistant will order the presents on their own, as happened with one family.

According to the expert, this year, before Christmas and New Year, some people who have virtual assistants may be faced with the fact that they will bring goods that they did not order. According to Horan, this is exactly what happened with a married couple who discussed the purchase of a tent. While they were talking about which manufacturerโ€™s tent to choose, and in which store you can order, their smart virtual assistant listened attentively and quietly searched, and then made the order on their own. People found out about the purchase only when they received a confirmation of the order on the smartphone.

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And last year in the USA there was an even more curious case. The little girl shared with the virtual assistant her desire to get for Christmas a dollhouse worth almost two hundred dollars and cookies. Soon, the surprised mother of the baby received an email from Amazon with confirmation of the ordered house and a two-kilogram package of cookies. It turned out that the virtual assistant took on the role of Santa Claus.

But the story is not over. Soon, Jim Patton, a presenter of the regional American channel, told about a funny case, who said lively the phrase: โ€œAlexa, order me a dollhouse!โ€ In the homes of some people who watched this broadcast, Alexa responded to his phrase by Alexa, who tried to arrange orders for goods.

Matt Horan believes that such incidents can happen again this year with those people who have accounts in online stores with saved billing information. In order to prevent this, he advises disabling voice orders in Alexa or Google Assistant, or simply turning off the smart column or smart display at the time of discussing the choice of gifts.

Source: dailymail

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