October 19, 2021

The first details about the mysterious folding device Microsoft Andromeda


Well-known techno blogger Paul Terrott has published many details about the mysterious novelty Andromeda from Microsoft, and soon after that the network has information about the new patent of the Redmond Corporation, which shows such a device. According to Terrott, this will be a compact gadget with two screens and a folding design, as in the recent ZTE Axon M.



Paul Terottt said that Microsoft wants to implement in this device a holographic display capable of displaying 3D images. True, the blogger says that this information has not yet been confirmed. In addition, Microsoft is allegedly working on optimizing its applications to support two screens, as several sources reported at once inside the company, and focus on supporting the stylus.


According to Paul, it will be a very niche and expensive device, as it will be the first in its class. In fact, we are waiting for a full-fledged PDA on Windows with the ability to make calls. Also technobloger believes that the device will be built on the basis of ARM-processor.

The timing of the gadget is still no information.

Source: thurrott.com

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