October 19, 2021

First look at Alcatel 5 – excellent “frameless”


This year, Alcatel introduced three lines of smartphones: 1, 3 and 5 series. We managed to get acquainted with the flagship model from the company’s portfolio – Alcatel 5. The gadget combines an interesting appearance, a full-screen display and a dual front camera with a wide-angle lens.

Incredible design

“Wow, what is he light!” – the first thing that comes to mind when you take Alcatel 5 in your hands. In fact, only 144 grams for a 5.7-inch smartphone – it’s very small. Judging from the photographs, it seems that the “five” is made of polished metal. In fact, the body is entirely made of textured matte plastic. Due to it, the modest weight of the device is achieved. For many, it will be a nice chip.

The most striking feature of the Alcatel 5 appearance is the design of the top part of the gadget. Unlike other frameless – or, as they are more correctly called, full-screen – smartphones, the “five” frames are asymmetric. The manufacturer made minimal indentations on the sides and under the hull, placing a large frame on top. The solution is unusual. On the top there are two eyes of the front camera, the grating of the speaker, the LED indicator and various sensors.
On the rear panel there is a large camera eye with a protective plastic edging. The camera module does not protrude from the housing, thereby reducing the chances of scratching the protective glass that it covers. A little lower – a recessed fingerprint scanner. It is convenient: it is easy to find by touch. There is also a function to unlock the face.

Alcatel 5 is available in two colors – black metallic and golden metallic. The case of the device is monolithic, assembled qualitatively, without squeaks and backlashes. At the bottom end is a USB Type-C connector, rare for devices of this price class. Nearby is the main speaker. On the top panel – the second microphone for noise reduction and 3.5 mm input.

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Beautiful full-screen display

The screen is made in the now fashionable aspect ratio of 18: 9, that is, slightly stretched to the height. This allowed to fit in the body of a standard 5-inch gadget display with a diagonal of 5.7 inches. Yes, Alcatel 5 is not felt “shovel”, despite its impressive screen. They are easy to manage with one hand.

The resolution of the 5.7-inch IPS-matrix is 1440×720 pixels. Judging by the first impressions, the picture is bright and juicy. The pixel density is enough to display fine fonts in a qualitative way. Alcatel 5 belongs to the league “frameless” – the display occupies almost 90% of the front panel.

The smartphone is bright enough to use it under direct sunlight. There is also a quality oleophobic coating, thanks to which the finger glides pleasantly on the screen. And prints are removed in a flash with a napkin.

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Filling for everyday tasks

Alcatel 5 will be sold in version with 3 GB of operating and 32 GB of internal memory.
The device operates on the eight-core processor Mediatek MT6750 with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz. And no, do not close the article on this site – in the framework of our acquaintance the device has never given a hint that it lacks performance. In any case, the interface and standard applications work without lags with an instant response.

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Multifunctional shell from Alcatel

Alcatel 5 runs on Android 7.0 with its proprietary shell. The interface repeats the logic of a “clean” system – there are desktops and a separate menu with all applications.
The shell configures the desktop grid, the size of the icons and fonts. You can sort the application menu alphabetically, frequency of use, or by installation date.