October 19, 2021

Fitbit has released a Versa Lite smart watch and a trio of new fitness bracelets for the whole family.

Fitbit, the American manufacturer of wearable devices for fitness and health, presented the Versa Lite smartwatch, the Inspire and Inspire HR fitness bracelets, which replaced the Alta lineup, and Ace 2, which is focused on children.

Fitbit has released a Versa Lite smart watch and a trio of new fitness bracelets for the whole family 1

Versa Lite is a simplified version of the original version of the watch. According to the manufacturer, the novelty should attract the attention of consumers who first become acquainted with this kind of devices. At a cost of $ 160 (about $ 40 cheaper than Versa), the gadget has all the basic functions of the first model: it has a training program, it considers the calories, steps, pulse and other physical activity of the user. At the same time, it allows you to install third-party applications, is fully compatible with the same accessories and health tracking services as the standard version of the watch, withstands a long stay in the water and still works for four days on one battery charge.


The difference between Versa and Versa Lite is that the latter have only one physical button, instead of three, and several sensors, such as a gyroscope, altimeter and barometer, are missing. In addition, the watches cannot store music and do not have access to the Pandora and Deezer music streaming services. There are also no personal trainings with a trainer.

Earlier this year, the Fitbit Health Solutions division launched the Inspire and Inspire HR fitness bracelets, which could be obtained either by employees of various companies or by clients of insurance companies. Now the devices are available to ordinary consumers in retail stores. Inspire bracelets perform quite standard functions: they automatically detect and track walking, running, cycling and swimming, count calories, monitor sleep and show notifications from a smartphone. The most significant change compared to the Alta bracelet line is a full touch screen with support for gestures and scrolling, not just touches. The capsule in the Inspire can be used as a clip, fastened to the belt with a special silicone case, which is purchased separately.

Unlike the basic version, Inspire HR is equipped with a constantly running heart rate monitor, shows oxygen consumption, can read distance traveled in real time and provides more information about sleep quality. Both versions of the bracelet are designed for five days of work without recharging. Inspire costs $ 70, Inspire HR costs $ 100.

Another new product is the updated fitness bracelet for children Ace 2. The device comes with bright straps that take into account all the nuances of the previous model. On the functional side, the second generation of the bracelet performs all the same actions as Ace, encouraging children to physical activity. A few new animated dials have been added – as the child moves closer to achieving its daily goals, he will see the flower or cartoon character grow. In the future, he will be able to change them to those used in the adult Inspire bracelet. The novelty was estimated at $ 70, which is $ 30 cheaper than last year’s model.

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