October 19, 2021

The following Google Pixelbook will constantly monitor the user

Google wants to save the time it takes to get started with laptops, so it patented the device with an unusual system of enabling and recognizing its owner. To automatically lift the notebook cover, you need to press a special touchpad, and then the built-in camera system that identifies the person in the face comes into play. On other features of the patented gadget read further.


After automatically raising the lid and recognizing the user, the laptop will begin to monitor the position of its head in order to adjust the angle of the screen in real time. Thus, the owner of the laptop will always see the image at the optimal angle, and he will not have to independently adjust the slope.

“In one embodiment, the computer may have a camera configured to detect a user’s face and continuously adjust the angle and position of the cover to keep the face in view of the camera and / or keep the display in an optimal viewing position,” the document says.


On all published images, the laptop is similar to the recently introduced Pixelbook. Moreover, one of the authors of the patent is the senior product design engineer at Google, Ken Loo, who worked on Pixel smartphones and the aforementioned Pixelbook. Therefore, there is a high probability that the next-generation Chromebook from Google will get this option.

Source: androidpolice.com

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