September 17, 2021

Intel and AMD teamed up against NVIDIA


After almost 40 years of confrontation, Intel and AMD will release a joint mobile chipset for laptops. In one of its blocks there will be an Intel central processor and an AMD graphics accelerator. Thus, the two giants intend to compete with NVIDIA, a leading manufacturer of video accelerators. As the company assures, their solution will create compact and light ultrabooks with the performance of bulky laptops with discrete graphics cards.


The chipset will be included in the line of 8th-generation Intel Core processors. The central processor, graphics accelerator and second-generation memory with high bandwidth HBM2 will be installed on a single substrate with an embedded Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB). The latter provides ultra-fast data transfer between components.


Technical characteristics of the new chip are not disclosed. It is known that AMD specially for Intel has developed an exclusive graphics accelerator Radeon.


The new chipset will save a lot of space inside laptops, due to what they can remain compact and at the same time quite productive for launching AAA-games. AMD said that the development will not compete with the recently introduced Ryzen Mobile line, as the latter is designed to perform a variety of tasks, and the joint solution with Intel is primarily aimed at gamers.


The release of the joint chipset Intel and AMD is planned for the first quarter of 2018.


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