Jaguar unmanned cars will originally warn pedestrians about maneuvers

Jaguar Land Rover is developing a new warning system, which will make it clear about further maneuvers of unmanned vehicles, what will help pedestrians.

For motorists, the signals given by unmanned cars using parking lights are understandable and logical, but in the case of pedestrians, the issue is more complicated. Manufacturers of drone pick up various options for how to make the signals about the next maneuver cars more understandable to them. One of the proposals was the creation of a visual projection on the road in front of the car. Jaguar Land Rover is currently working on this system. The projection consists of several light strips projected onto asphalt in front of the vehicle. They give a visual idea of which way an autonomous machine plans to turn, when it stops, and so on.

Jaguar unmanned cars will originally warn pedestrians about maneuvers-2
Jaguar In the opinion of the developers, thanks to this system, it will be much easier for pedestrians to orient themselves in order to understand whether you can cross the road in front of the car or wait. Experts hope that this visualization of the intentions of drones will increase the credibility of them by people.

Although it is too early to talk about its wide distribution. There are still tests to assess how well the projections on the asphalt are visible in sunny or, conversely, rainy weather. In addition, even if this development will be flawless, it remains to be agreed with all manufacturers of unmanned vehicles on a single signal system so as not to confuse pedestrians.

Source: engadget

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