October 19, 2021

Logitech and HTC have developed a keyboard for VR


The other day, the two development companies jointly introduced a novelty – a tracker that can transfer the keyboard and user’s hands into virtual reality. The technology, according to the press release, will allow simple users and developers to comfortably enter text while playing or developing and debugging the application.

The BRIDGE kit costs $ 150. The kit includes a Logitech G keyboard and a Vive tracker that tracks handwriting input and transfers it to virtual reality. While Logitech has released only fifty such sets, this already gives hope that in future more objects from real life can be transferred to virtual reality. As for BRIDGE, it works well in the entire Steam VR ecosystem.

The Vive tracker does not just transfer keystrokes to the VR, but also tracks the hand movements, translating their brushes and virtual keyboard into the workspace. In addition, the user can customize the keyboard by means of a special application, reassigning its function keys.

Due to the fact that the number of sets is strictly limited, they will be able to place preliminary orders for them only by American developers. Applications for participation in the beta program are accepted until November 16. Head of Innovation and Promotion Logitech noted that if the demand significantly exceeds the supply, developers are ready to release a few more devices, but to hope that enough for everyone, yet is not worth it.

Term, when the set appears on a free sale, has not yet been reported.

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