October 28, 2021

Mass layoffs: the robots prevented the Japanese hotel guests from resting

Mass layoffs the robots prevented the Japanese hotel guests from resting

From the Japanese hotel Henn-na “Strange” Hotel fired more than a hundred robotic workers. Robots did not help much and created a lot of problems.

When this hotel was opened in July 2015, the main highlight was the robots that performed almost all the tasks of serving visitors. At the reception, guests were greeted by a wonderful trinity consisting of a cute lady robot and two charming robotized dinosaurs. They communicated with visitors in different languages and helped with the settlement. Then the guests were accompanied to the room by robots who carried the luggage and showed people the way. And already in the room on the bedside table, the guests were awaited by another assistant, a Churi-like robot.

Mass layoffs the robots prevented the Japanese hotel guests from resting

It would seem that everything is very interesting, exotic and functional. But in fact, people faced a lot of problems created by this wonderful staff. Tiny Churi, designed to help visitors navigate the city, could not sensibly answer the question of, for example, until what time the theme park was open. And at night, she could suddenly begin to speak loudly, reacting to the snoring of a peacefully sleeping visitor.

The dinosaurs behind the reception desk were fascinated by their manners, but they demanded the help of people, since they could not copy the passports of the guests on their own. And porter robots could normally get only up to 24 rooms, despite the fact that the hotel has more than a hundred rooms. In addition, they were often stuck in the corridors when two of the robot porters tried in vain to get around each other. Although not all automatic assistants failed. For example, the robot in the form of a huge hand, which is engaged in the reception and delivery of baggage in the storage room, proved itself to be a good worker.

In the end, the hotel management has now decided to remove more than a hundred of the 243 robots that have worked in it since 2015. The hotel explained this by the fact that technology is rapidly running forward, and what seemed to know-how four years ago was pretty outdated in 2019. And the replacement of robots is expensive, and their productivity leaves much to be desired. Therefore, to replace the dismissed machines came people who more effectively help guests.

Source: engadget

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