October 28, 2021

Microsoft will add a lootbox system in Xbox Live


Very soon, Microsoft will introduce into the Xbox Live service a new “Career” system, which will present the revised achievements and an updated score counter. The company’s plan for the processing of old and proven systems was first announced in the summer – then Microsoft representatives said that the existing concept does not accurately reflect the merits of avid gamers. “Career” will bring the game element and visual progression in the form of levels and ranks of prestige.


One of the main “chips” of the new system will be some tasks for which gamers will receive various awards and additional points Gamescore. This, in conjunction with achivki, will “pump” the player and raise its level, and then rank. It will not do, unfortunately, without omnipresent lutboks with random content. There will be only cosmetic items for customizing the avatar. This is done, apparently, to “give gamers a sense of true achievement” for their gaming merit. True, it should be noted: according to preliminary data, Microsoft is not going to sell such containers for real money – they will be issued only for achievements in games.

The exact date of the new “Career” system is not yet reported. However, this is unlikely to happen before the release of the last year’s update for the Xbox Live avatar, which was released from the fall of 2017 to early 2018.

Source: windowscentral.com

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