October 19, 2021

Neural network was taught to predict the collapse of bitcoins


During the recent hackatoon in Berlin, Bitcoin Bubble Burst service was introduced, capable, according to the developers, to anticipate the state of bitcoins. It is based on the use of neural networks and machine learning to analyze a large amount of data associated with the digital currency. The creators of the service told in detail about his work and plans for the future.


“The idea grew out of discussions within our team about whether a” bubble “called bitcoin would burst or whether its value would continue to grow. Since this is a topic that many people are interested in, we decided that it would be nice to try to predict the changes before they happen, so that you always stay one step ahead, “said Saad El Hajjaji, one of the creators of the service.

Bitcoin Bubble Burst uses machine learning to analyze news and data found on the Internet, on the basis of which the service builds an assumption about future changes in the cost of bitcoins. Hajjaji himself believes that bitkoyn will continue to grow. He also noted that large players on the stock exchange have long had such tools, and now the opportunity to earn on the fluctuations of the exchange rate has appeared in ordinary people.

At this point, Bitcoin Bubble Burst sends its predictions only by email. Also, developers are working on a system of SMS-notifications and are considering the release of a mobile application.

“Now we are focused only on bitkoyne and will see what will come of it. But in the future we could work with other crypto-currencies. As our forecasting model improves over time, we can risk starting to work with other “bubbles”, “said Saad El Hajjaji.


Source: digitaltrends.com

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