OnePlus showed a concept with a disappearing camera

OnePlus held a press conference at CES 2020, showcasing the Concept One smartphone. It serves to demonstrate the capabilities of the company and will not go on sale.

The main feature is the electrochromic glass on the back panel. It can change transparency: when you start the camera application, the lenses of the main camera become visible, although in the normal state they are invisible. It takes 0.7 seconds to switch the glass state.

Also, a feature of electrochromic glass can be used as a neutral filter of variable density: in the Pro mode of the proprietary camera application, you can select the ND8 mode, which “cuts off” eight steps of light entering the lens.

The back surface with an unusual cutout made of glass and polished metal is mainly covered with orange leather – the signature one for McLaren, together with which Concept One was made.

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As for the insides of the Concept One, they correspond to those in the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edtion.

Source: Android Authority

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