October 19, 2021

Pixel 4 is now different from other devices in the Android ecosystem


photo: engadget.com

Earlier this month, Google announced that instead of regular Android updates, Pixel 4 devices will receive a “Pixel Feature Drop” to show off new “vibrant” features.

And this update has already been released, where in addition to the expected changes, such as the visualization of robocall calls and the Duo call center, there are a few surprises that were previously ignored.

Firstly, Face Unlock will now be able to take into account changes in your appearance, for example, a new hairstyle or beard. “When the feature is turned on, Face Unlock periodically uses your face images to create advanced models,” Google updates said. “It helps to recognize you better.”

pixel phone
photo: androidpolice.com

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As expected, the update also offers T-Mobile eSim support for Pixel 4 devices. This means that you can immediately activate the device without waiting for the SIM card to be activated, and use eSim along with a physical SIM card to receive calls and texts on two numbers. Finally, Pixel 4 now supports dual-frequency GNSS, so it can track two satellite signals at the same time – GPS and Galileo. This, in turn, will provide more accurate location tracking.

With these new updates, Google is clearly trying to separate its flagship devices from others in the Android ecosystem.

source: endgadget

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