October 28, 2021

Samsung achieved 5G performance at a speed of almost 2 Gbit / s


Samsung Electronics together with the Japanese telecommunications company KDDI conducted a successful testing of fifth-generation networks on a train moving at a speed of 100 km / h. Tests were conducted in October in the Japanese city of Saitama, located near Tokyo. In the course of the experiment, the passengers of the train downloaded 8K-video, and then removed, mounted and unloaded the video in a resolution of 4K.


During the testing, Samsung used a preliminary commercial complex solution for the fifth generation networks, consisting of a 5G router, a 5G Radio radio access unit, virtualized RAN and a core. As a result, both companies were able to reach a peak speed of 1.7 Gbit / s.

“The potentials offered by 5G are powerful enough to completely change our daily lives. The success of today’s demonstration is the result of our joint research with KDDI. The cooperation will include studies of different technologies, as well as new business models and applications, “said Yangki Kim, president and head of Samsung Electronics’s network business.

“Since 5G is expected to bring railway services to a whole new level, the success of today’s demonstrations in everyday places such as the train and the railway station is a milestone that indicates the commercialization of the 5G. To fulfill our goal of launching 5G by 2020, KDDI will continue to study real-world scenarios of technology use and cooperation with Samsung, “said Yoshiaki Uchida, senior managing director of KDDI.

Source: fonearena.com

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