October 28, 2021

Samsung Galaxy S9 has battery problems after updating Android Pie


By the New Year, Samsung took everyone by surprise, releasing the final assembly of the Galaxy S9 update based on Android 9 Pie, but apparently the company should have paid more attention to the reliability of the software, and not rush to roll out the firmware. The last problem reported by users whose devices have been upgraded to Android Pie, concerns the battery life.
Samsung Galaxy S9 has battery problems after updating Android Pie
There are more and more reports that the battery life of the Galaxy S9 after installing the Pie update has been significantly reduced, and, apparently, the problem lies in the firmware. SamMobile describes the case when the battery level on one of their devices fell from 10% to 5% in seconds. Other users of the Reddit forums report that this happens on their devices.

β€œThere was the same problem yesterday. My battery was discharged from 10% to 4% in about three minutes. I just corresponded with someone, so nothing special from the point of view of using the battery did not happen, ”said one user.

Some believe that due to the Android Pie update, there could be a problem with accurately informing the user about the battery charge: that is, the Galaxy S9 began to incorrectly display the remaining capacity. However, after installing a new operating system, the total battery life is significantly reduced. Users report that after upgrading to Android Pie, battery life is reduced by 10–20%, and no application reports increased power consumption in the background.

Samsung Galaxy S9 has battery problems after updating Android Pie 2
Samsung may already be investigating the problem, so a fix may appear sometime next month, as part of the January fix cycle. But given that the Android Pie update is expected to be released for Galaxy Note 9 next month, Samsung should devote a little more time to small improvements, because most users would prefer to wait a bit than install raw software.

A source:Β Softpedia

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