Samsung intends to launch the first in the world release of folding smartphones

Samsung Electronics confirmed its intention to become the world’s first manufacturer of smartphones with a folding screen, adding that the Galaxy S10 will not be its first 5G phone, as the company prepares a separate model for release.

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Samsung Mobile Executive Director Dong Jin Ko (DJ Koh), speaking at the Samsung Unpacked event, dedicated to the announcement of Galaxy Note 9, said that the company is focused on developing innovations for a folding phone “that will be really accepted and enjoyed by consumers”, and also stressed that the company did not want to lose the title of the world leader in the smartphone market.

Co. said that the announcement time of the Samsung folding phone is not far off and that the company specialists had to overcome many problems in its development in order to achieve high quality performance and durability. “We would not have started (the project) if it had been designed for one time,” the top manager added, hinting that the forthcoming model of the folding phone will start the series.

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The head of the mobile unit also denied rumors that the company is considering the possibility of combining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series. “In the near future there will be no changes in the launch of the S series in the first half of the year and the Note series in the second half of the year,” he said.

He said that in March next year, South Korean telecommunications operators are planning to launch 5G networks and Samsung is working closely with them to first release a 5G smartphone, adding that the Galaxy S10 will not be the first 5G smartphone of the company – a separate model will be released. It’s not clear yet, it will be a folding smartphone, the output of which is also expected at the beginning of next year, or the company will release another model.

source:  Zdnet

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