October 28, 2021

Sony introduced a new version of the digital dog Aibo

After more than ten years of oblivion, the robotic dog Aibo from the Japanese company Sony returns. The original model of the smart toy was released already in 1999. From that moment, five versions of the robose box were released, after which interest in it somehow pougas. The new version, according to Sony, has become much smarter, “able to form an emotional connection with family members, show their love, affection and give joy from raising a pet”, albeit digital.

As an eye, the robot uses OLED displays, with which it can show one or another emotion. Two wide-angle cameras allow Aibo to recognize specific people, and new drive mechanisms give parts of his body the ability to move fairly smoothly along 22 axes. The variety of movements that the updated Aibo possesses, as well as the sounds that it can produce, make it more “alive”. Through voice commands and affection, he learns what exactly makes his master happy.

The new model is able to learn and eventually even remember the location of objects in a particular room, which ultimately allows it to avoid collisions with obstacles and choose the shortest route from one point to another. The toy runs on a quad-core processor, has a built-in LTE and Wi-Fi module, several motion and presence sensors, gyroscopes, a speaker, and four microphones. The battery of the novelty is designed for two hours of work. Charging takes about three hours, so count on long gaming sessions, unfortunately, will not work.

Since in the yard of 2017, Aibo not only uses some AI algorithms that allow it to learn and develop its unique personality in each family, the robot also connects to the cloud server. Sony offers Aibo owners to make a paid subscription. As a result, the owner can give the digital pet a unique identity, as well as manage it remotely, for example, through mobile gadgets. The cost of a monthly subscription is $ 27. For a three-year subscription option, ask for $ 790 (90,000 yen).

Subscription is required if you want to develop Aibo’s unique personality and use the My Aibo application (available on iOS, Android and personal computers), through which you can conduct various settings of the robot, access its cameras and play with the virtual version of the dog. In addition, robot owners will be able to buy movements and tricks for the robot through the Aibo Store. By the way, the new model can also be trained simply by observing other Aibo’s, and also changing their behavior with changing seasons and with special holiday events.

Pre-orders for a new robot Aibo will begin to take already today through the official online store Sony in Japan. The price of the novelty is 179,000 yen (about 1739 dollars, or about 100 thousand rubles at the current rate). Deliveries are expected to begin on January 11. At the moment, Sony does not plan to sell a toy outside of Japan

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