October 28, 2021

Sony has shown on the infographics the life of the firmware


Sony has published infographics that shows the full path of Android firmware: from the moment it was created and before the assembly gets to the devices of the users. Many do not realize that this is a complex and long process, which can be divided into two phases: the first is the receipt of code from Google and the start of development, while during the second company tests the assembly, prepares different versions for operators and begins to send it to users.


The first phase includes the following steps:

1. Obtaining a set of developers from Google a few weeks before the official announcement of the new version of Android.

2. Preparation for the development of firmware and laying the foundations.

3. Optimization of the software part for the hardware so that the firmware supports all the chips.

4. Implementation of basic functions, such as calls and support for sending messages.

5. Implementation of firmware features of Sony in the firmware.

6. Testing assembly within the company and collecting reviews.

7. Repeat testing, but already beyond the limits of Sony – with the help of users.

Phases of the second phase:

8. Certification of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other standards.

9. Preparation of special versions of the firmware for different operators.

10. Release update for users.

11. Collecting feedback from forums to identify possible errors and solutions.


All this explains why manufacturers need so much time to translate their devices into newer versions of the “green robot”. By the way, this year, Sony was the first to update gadgets to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Source: phandroid.com

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