October 19, 2021

Soon Pixel 2 photos will be much better


Previously, Pixel Visual Core, a unique chip for image processing on Pixel 2 phones, was compatible only with applications developed by Google. The company has released an update, thanks to which the chip will be able to work with third-party applications.


Pixel Visual Core is the first in its kind separate image processing engine of Google’s own development. It consists of eight IPU cores, each of which has 512 ALU computing units. Together they can perform 3 trillion operations per second with machine learning support. This means that Pixel Visual Core is able to compile images from HDR + 5 times faster and 10 times more energy efficient than conventional processors on phones.

After the chip was activated with the release of the Android 8.1 update, it was only compatible with the main Pixel 2 smartphone application. Now, after the update, it can work together with any other application that uses the camera data. The main condition is for a third-party application to use the appropriate Google APIs. And this means that now the chip can be used in such popular applications as WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.


According to the developers of Google, it is in working with third-party applications that Pixel Visual Core will show its usefulness and efficiency. After all, now users will be able to use Google’s unique algorithms, using additional processing power and at the same time significantly saving battery power.

Updating Android, which activates Pixel Visual Core for third-party applications, should become available to all within a week. Google also announces new stickers for the Pixel-camera, dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games.

source: The Verge

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