October 28, 2021

Startup of the week: OrCam MyMe – life video recorder with AI technology

Startup of the week OrCam MyMe - life video recorder with AI technology

Last week we told you about the Wynd Halo + Home Purifier intelligent air purifier, which consists of two devices: the Wynd Home Purifier air purifier itself and the Wynd Halo air quality meter. Todayโ€™s article focuses on OrCam MyMe, an artificial intelligence technology video recorder for people with poor vision.

About the project

OrCam Technologies, a native of Israel, specializing in the creation of innovative technological solutions to help people with disabilities, presented its new development on Kickstarter – a video recorder of life with artificial intelligence technologies, which was called OrCam MyMe.

OrCam MyMe
OrCam MyMe is a lightweight and compact device, equipped with high-quality 13-megapixel camera that can quickly and accurately recognize faces, as well as text. It is important to note that the recognition process takes place constantly, in real time. The gadget notifies the owner through a special application for the smartphone, as well as for smart watches.

Startup of the week OrCam MyMe - life video recorder with AI technology 2

The main purpose of the OrCam MyMe device is to manage familiar circles, adjust statistics data, optimize time management. The gadget automatically scans and translates all important information into the text.

Startup of the week OrCam MyMe - life video recorder with AI technology 3
If suddenly OrCam MyMe recognizes a person with whom he has already met, the device will notify the user. All information on previous meetings is immediately given in a convenient form: where the meetings took place, when, for what reason, and so on. In addition, the gadget estimates the time spent by the user on any things, as well as on what attention is spent, for what purposes. After collecting data, the application provides a number of recommendations and goals that contribute to increasing attention.

As the developers explain, the goal of the OrCam MyMe project is to introduce AI into peopleโ€™s lives as a companion. This device brings together the most technologically advanced – a mobile camera, a powerful โ€œstuffingโ€, deep machine learning, neural networks.

Until the end of the campaign on Kickstarter OrCam MyMe can be purchased for $ 199.

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