Startup of the week: Soundbrenner Core – a smart watch for musicians

Last week we told you about stylish wireless headphones, the main feature of which is the work time, which reaches 36 hours. Today, you’ll learn about Soundbrenner Core smartwatches, which, in addition to standard features, combine the functions of a metronome, magnetic tuner and decibel meter.

About the project

The company Soundbrenner collects on the Kickstarter platform the means necessary to produce unique smartwatches for musicians called Soundbrenner Core.

With an initial goal of $ 50,000, the project has already managed to collect more than $ 460,000. It is worth noting that this is not the first gadget for musicians, developed by the Soundbrenner team. Prior to this, the company released the portable metronome Pulse, which sold 60,000 units. The popularity of this device, as well as many wishes of users, prompted the manufacturer to develop a new, more advanced and universal gadget.

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Soundbrenner Core smart watches combine the functions of a metronome, magnetic tuner, decibel meter, and are able to display time and notifications.

The gadget can be attached to a musical instrument using a magnet, which allows you to properly configure it. The decibel meter monitors the volume of the sound, and if it is too loud, it warns you to insert earplugs into your ears.

Using the Multi-Sync Soundbrenner Core function, you can synchronize up to 4 more group members with the same devices. Also supported by setting the tact by tapping your finger on the clock screen. To synchronize with the smartphone using a special mobile application.

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The Soundbrenner Core watch is available in two versions: with a polycarbonate and aluminum case, or with a stainless steel case with a leather strap. The characteristics and functions of both options are identical.

The watch is equipped with a double OLED-screen with a diagonal of 0.68 inches each. The case has a diameter of 45.5 mm and is protected from water and dust according to the IP66 standard. The capacity of the battery installed in the clock is not specified, but one charging lasts about 3 days of use.

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Complete with a watch in an aluminum case 5 accessories are supplied: a silicone strap, a strap for attaching to the body, a magnetic mount for the tuner, earplugs and a charging cable. When purchasing a version with a steel case, a carrying case and a leather strap are added to the above.

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A special edition of Soundbrenner Core with the Co-Creator Special Edition engraving on the rear panel is available for buyers who have pre-ordered Kickstarter.

Order an aluminum version of the Soundbrenner Core during a Kickstarter campaign at a price of $ 159, while the version with a steel case will cost $ 229.

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