Startup of the week: TAIHE Gemini – the most affordable portable monitor

Last week, we told you about the unique MATRIX PowerWatch 2 smart watches, which work from body heat and solar energy and do not require the usual charging from the network. Today’s article is devoted to a portable monitor TAIHE Gemini, which is positioned by the manufacturer as the most affordable device of this type on the market.

About the project

At Kickstarter, a campaign was launched to raise funds for the serial production of TAIHE Gemini monitors. The manufacturer introduced two models at once and in the first few minutes collected the necessary amount for the production of $ 10,000.

Startup of the week TAIHE Gemini - the most affordable portable monitor 2

TAIHE Gemini is a portable monitor that, according to the manufacturer, is the most affordable on the market.

Startup of the week TAIHE Gemini - the most affordable portable monitor 3

The monitor will be offered in two versions, each of which will be equipped with a screen diagonal of 15.6 inches. The main difference between monitors is the resolution of the screen, but it is not the only one.

The younger model uses a 8 mm thick touch screen with a set of ports, including USB-C, two mini-HDMI ports and a pair of micro-USB. In turn, the older version of TAIHE Gemini is equipped with a conventional, non-touch screen with a thickness of 10 mm and the following ports: USB-C, USB 3.0 (x2), mini-DisplayPort and HDMI.

Startup of the week TAIHE Gemini - the most affordable portable monitor 4

Both TAIHE Gemini models are equipped with 5000 mAh batteries, and autonomy for both versions is declared at the level of 5 hours.

In addition to its main task, monitors can also perform the role of an external battery. Among the main advantages of TAIHE Gemini, it is worth noting the relatively thin frames and built-in stereo speakers with a power of 10 watts.


Buyers can choose from four colors: black, blue, gray and pink.

Until the end of the Kickstarter campaign, the portable TAIHE Gemini monitor can be purchased for $ 190. At the end of the campaign, the monitor will cost more – $ 300 (price for the version with Full HD-screen). A variation from the 4K UHD panel before the end of the campaign costs $ 270, and in retail it will cost $ 500.

The first buyers will receive TAIHE Gemini in May 2019.

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