October 28, 2021

In TechInsights considered the cost of Samsung Galaxy S9 + on its components

Pricing for a smartphone consists of several basic components, including the costs of the production unit for R & D, logistics, advertising, not to mention the cost of the components used in the device. Of course, the lion’s share of the final price falls precisely on the hardware stuffing of the gadget, which is the main criterion for the end user.

The journalists of the TechInsights edition specialize in calculating the conditional cost of smartphones, operating at the price of its individual components. This time in the center of their attention was the flagship novelty Samsung – the Galaxy S9 + model with the Exynos 9810 chip. It is considered to be the most technically advanced smartphone on the market: the gadget managed to collect dozens of awards in various nominations, including becoming the best camera by version DxOMark.



According to TechInsights model Galaxy S9 + was the most expensive smartphone ever released by the South Korean brand. The gadget costs Samsung about $ 379, which is $ 10 more than the cost of Galaxy Note8.



An incomplete list of components, on the basis of which the total amount was added, includes:

  • display module – $ 72.5;
  • processor Exynos 9810 – $ 68;
  • cameras – $ 48;
  • RAM – $ 39;
  • non-electronic components – $ 29;
  • radio-frequency components – $ 23.5;
  • communication – $ 12;
  • flash drive – $ 12;
  • power supply system and audio elements – $ 8.5;
  • The battery is $ 5.5.

According to TechInsights, the most expensive serial smartphone in the world today is the iPhone X, which was valued at $ 389.5. Recall that the manufacturer’s recommended price of the basic version of the Galaxy S9 + is $ 840.


source: GSMArena

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