October 19, 2021

Unmanned Ford cars will deliver products from Valmart

Car giant Ford has entered into a partnership with a network of supermarkets Walmart and Postmates delivery service, in order to organize the transport of goods using unmanned aerial vehicles. Unmanned Ford cars are already being tested in several American cities.
Unmanned Ford cars will deliver products from Valmart-1

Few expected from this trio of companies committed to old traditions, a great craving for the development of new technologies in the field of delivery. But, according to experts, they simply have no other way, since developing start-ups will even begin to step on their heels. The collaboration assumes that Ford unmanned vehicles will deliver the ordered goods to Walmart customers using the Postmate infrastructure.
Ford has already begun testing its autonomous cars. In particular, they are tested on the roads of Miami and in Washington. Earlier in Michigan, drones tested on the delivery of pizza in the city of Ann Arbor. In January 2018, Ford announced that it would work with Postmates to explore how autonomous vehicles could be integrated into the delivery service.

In the case of cooperation with Walmart, Ford specialists set out to check what problems may arise in the operation of unmanned vehicles, and what needs to be taken into account when delivering various goods that require special transportation. And the automotive giant plans to start commercial production of this type of vehicle closer to 2021.


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