October 19, 2021

In the US, Waymo’s stand-alone taxis began to deliver passengers


Google’s successor in the development of unmanned vehicles, Waymo began a series of tests on common roads in Arizona. The developer refused to duplicate, test drivers in the first seats, but for safety reasons engineers sit in the rear seats. If necessary, they can press the button and the car will park near the curb. On trips, everyone is invited to take part. Passengers choose the route: to school, to work, to shopping. How are these autonomous trips, the company showed in the footage she shot.


The test area is limited and while is 260 km² (one hundred square miles).


In general, many corporations, including Audi, Toyota and Tesla, as well as Google, NVIDIA are engaged in relevant developments and have achieved certain successes in recent years. At the same time, no one is ready to give up the insurance in the face of the driver. In Waymo it was also thought that often the driver in a car with an autopilot is not focused on the traffic situation, he is distracted by extraneous things, bored, loses vigilance or does switch attention to a mobile gadget, for example, a smartphone. As a result, at the crucial moment, when a person could make the right decision, having intercepted transport control on himself and having made the correct maneuver, irreparable happens. The duplicator, which is in the back seat of an unmanned taxi, needs more to secure at the testing phase of the autopilot system and to comply with the rules put forward by the US authorities when testing such vehicles.

Source: theverge.com

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