October 28, 2021

Warner Bros. became Samsung’s ally in the battle of HDR-standards


Of course, today the heat of passion is incomparable with the times of confrontation HD-DVD and Blu-ray, but Samsung’s struggle to promote HDR10 + as an alternative to Dolby Vision is gaining momentum. One of the main innovations of both formats in comparison with the usual HDR10 is a greater scope for content producers: they can change the settings dynamically from one scene to another and even from one frame to another.


Although Dolby Vision was licensed by many TV manufacturers, Samsung, being one of the most influential players, did not take this step and opted to promote HDR10 + as an alternative that does not require paid deductions for each copy of the product. Now the company Warner Bros. joined Samsung, 20th Century Fox and Panasonic in supporting the HDR10 + standard for their films and 4K materials.

“Warner Bros. has always sought to provide the best quality consumer services of the new generation for home users, “said Warner Bros. President. Home Entertainment on American and world strategy Jim Utrich (Jim Wuthrich). – Thanks to dynamic metadata HDR10 + Warner Bros. can more accurately convey the vision of filmmakers for our 2018 films, as well as for an extensive catalog of more than seventy-five 4K HDRs for the home on a wide range of HDR10 + enabled TVs. ”

At CES 2018, 20th Century Fox, Panasonic and Samsung will conduct HDR10 + technical demonstrations. A promising standard group claims that there are other companies interested in HDR10 +, and they will soon have access to the certification program. If everything goes according to plan, a new logo will appear on many 4K-TVs, record players or movies.

Sources: Engadget

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