October 19, 2021

Where and how to buy bitcoin?


Why bitcoin?


Today people are not really much enthusiastic about conservative investment methods. The annualized gain close to inflation is difficult to be called a valuable alternative to such investment methods as bitcoin investment. Despite a periodic recession, bitcoin rate is growing steadily; and a number of world-famous investors keep buying up bitcoins. It is not surprising that there are more and more people willing to follow their example, and buy bitcoins till their price has not increased even more.

A lot of bitcoin buying methods are available already. However, the beginners will hardly find these methods useful much due to some reasons. These are high complexity, risks of frauds, and price inadequacy. We will further regard two methods to buy bitcoin narrowing down the risks of funds loss. People can choose either online-exchanger, or cryptocurrency platform to buy bitcoin. Here we describe the mentioned methods so that you could choose what you please more.

How to buy bitcoin via exchangers?

When you buy bitcoin via exchanger, the first thing you need to think about is the choice of exchanger that won’t cheat on you. Before you start selecting an exchanger, you need to create a bitcoin wallet.

The new-coming traders usually start looking for an exchanger via search systems, or refer to other people’s recommendations; these variants can turn to be risky enough. It is more secure to select exchanger by specified Internet resources with listed ratings, and feedback; that is how you could trust this exchanger more. Having moved to a selected exchanger you would have to create a new form for every new deal; in any case, you will have to pay first before your bitcoins are sent to you. Besides, it will take you from some tens of minutes to several days, which is usually the case of bitcoin network overloads, to wait for your transaction successful completion.

The sudden increase in the minimum purchase amount can become another huge problem for a user. There are only a few exchangers ready to sell you bitcoins at a cost of $100-200, or less. The majority of exchangers set the deal minimum volume at a cost of $300-500, or even more than $1000. This is the main obstacle to those users, who are not ready to invest a significant amount of money in bitcoin at once. The situation is getting even worse due to the fact that the less a “minimum” sum is, the greater a bitcoin purchase rate is (making the difference between 10-15% and more).

The mentioned exchanger policy is non-casual. Currently, bitcoin network is experiencing serious overloads, which has not been the case for the network for many months. Due to the exchangers send bitcoins to the buyers directly, they have to pay high fees (up to 10-15 USD for every transaction). Under the insignificant volume of a deal, the mentioned fees won’t be paid off.

How to buy bitcoin on cryptocurrency platform?



It is all different to buy bitcoins on cryptocurrency platform. It is less complicated to do the last. If you buy “digital gold” in course of cryptocurrency trading, it is transferred to your platform account. You no need to pay extra fees for bitcoin sending to the network. That is why the minimum amount of bitcoin possible to buy while trading on EXMO cryptocurrency platform, for example, is 0.001 BTC, which is about 6 USD (when buying “at market” price – 1 USD, or less). If you keep purchased cryptos on your platform account, which is quite secure under the condition you have provided yourself with two-factor authentication, then, there is no need to pay enormous transfer fees. The ordinary bitcoin-wallets’ holders have to pay these fees because of the necessity to transfer bitcoin through bitcoin network. That is how bitcoin purchase, storage, and sell on EXMO enable a user to cut on extra fees, and save on additional efforts needed for bitcoin-wallet creation. Besides, nowadays bitcoin network transactions are related much to the undetermined possibility of network timeout rise. Bitcoin transactions between users are instant on EXMO.

Anyway, if you are about to purchase bitcoins in minor, or huge amounts, regard closer the opportunity to buy them on crypto-platforms. It is all simple to buy BTC on EXMO. After funds depositing, you may either buy bitcoins on the “Wallet”page in a few clicks, or “Exchange” page. You can also move to “Buy & Sell” page, then, choose the appropriate trading pair with BTC, and try to benefit from a better purchase rate.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform offers you the opportunity to buy other popular cryptocurrencies for fiat (ordinary) money, and exchange them to your bitcoins, just like to sell any cryptos at a favorable rate. In any case, handy, and intuitive interface will help you to do it in a few clicks under using simplified interface instruments like “Wallet”. Fiat and digital currencies withdrawal on EXMO won’t bother you much as well; all you need is to indicate the sum, and deposit address – your bitcoin-wallet address, for example.



source: exmo.com

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