October 28, 2021

Adobe edits video and photos in a few clicks


At the traditional annual conference MAX 2017, Adobe spoke about the latest tools for editing video and photos. Developers continue experiments with artificial intelligence as a basis for new functionality. To do this, the company created a specialized department Sensei, engaged in purely projects related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. This year the division demonstrated the possibilities of the new development of Scene Stitch, which makes it easy to remove unnecessary elements and objects from photos. In fact, this functionality is an expanded version of the previously released analogue Content Aware Fill.

adobe-scene-stitch-2 adobe-scene-stitch-3

This predecessor analyzed the photos to find areas for subsequent copying and pasting. Scene Stitch acts quite differently. He uses Adobe’s image library located in the cloud, analyzing them when searching for similar scenes. The company assures that the utility recognizes not only the composition of the picture, but also the content presented on it. You can see the technology in real action by watching the video released to the MAX 2017 for the presentation of Scene Stitch.


At the same conference, another interesting development called Project Cloak was demonstrated. This is also an analogue of the above Scene Stitch, but for video. The utility helps people to just click on the desired line in the menu to delete unwanted objects in the video. You can send any element out of the concept of the plot or spoiling the overall appearance, for example, a street lamp, ubiquitous electrical wires on poles or people accidentally caught in the frame. The whole process takes only a few moments. The final result is impressive.


On already appeared plots it is clear that artificial intelligence is able to successfully solve problems of this kind. It is clear that such technologies are not a novelty. However, the possibilities of machine learning raise them to an unprecedented height. Also precious time is saved. Adobe has not yet reported whether such editing developments will be implemented in Adobe products like Lightroom or Photoshop.

Source: newatlas.com

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