October 19, 2021

Amazon has released a 3D editor for creating virtual and augmented reality spaces

Considering the speed of development of modern technologies, virtual space should be more and more accessible to all. The same idea was guided by the authors of the Amazon Sumerian development environment, which allows creating three-dimensional models for VR and AR


With this development environment, you can create multiplatform programs that are compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and iOS mobile gadgets with support for WebVR-compliant browsers. In addition, ARCore support for Android is announced in the foreseeable future.
This editor is launched from the browser. At the time of writing the news, with its help you can create full-fledged three-dimensional scenes with the ability to interact with objects in a large virtual space.


Now there is a library of pre-installed objects and a library of registered scripts, it is possible to add third-party extensions to introduce new properties into the user program. In addition, already in the preview version, there is a set of character models that can set the necessary parameters for appearance and voice settings, and, of course, there is integration of third-party services provided by Amazon AWS.


The development environment itself is aimed at users who previously could not have anything to do with programming, or with the basics of 3D modeling, and has a fairly user-friendly interface with all the necessary information and explanations. Externally, it looks like the editor of the same Unreal Engine with the only amendment that instead of the classic block diagrams, the algorithms here are set for the time being only with the help of the script editor. Accordingly, already at this stage there is a corresponding library that allows users to learn how to use them and understand the basics of building program logic.


Of course, if you have already worked with other 3D editors, Amazon Sumerian allows you to load the necessary objects into your program for further work with them.


Already, you can apply for testing Amazon Sumerian and try this service personally.

source:ย Amazon AWS

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