September 17, 2021

6 Best Home Workout Apps – 小hoose The One That Suits You!

Best home workout apps

We have prepared for you an overview of the best home workout apps. As practice has shown, even at home, without professional equipment and simulators, you can achieve the desired training results. But this requires good motivation and a quality assistant. In this case, these are fitness apps for smartphones and tablets.

Can mobile apps replace fitness instructors

A fitness application is a mobile program that contains visualized instructions for performing sports exercises. Programs are formed by professional instructors.

The review includes applications with complex or unified programs for the following result:

  • muscle gain;
  • burning of subcutaneous fat;
  • muscle tone or physical rehabilitation;
  • improved stretch marks.

Many users underestimate the possibilities of sports training using their own weight. Most home sports applications are based on training programs without special gear and equipment. The maximum that may be required is a soft mat, a pair of light dumbbells and an elastic fitness elastic band.

Fitness application programs are structured so that the user clearly follows the instructions for performing the exercises. The selected program is focused on a smooth increase in the load, due to which progress is achieved. High-quality visualization and a detailed description of the execution technique allow you to do without a fitness instructor. By themselves, sports exercises perform the role of a specialist, but in the format of an electronic assistant.

Best Home Workout Apps

Seven – 7 Minute Workout (iOS and Android)

Cost – Free Offers In-App Purchases
The interactive application of Seven allows you to spend only 7 minutes a day for training. This is enough to keep the body in good shape and adjust the figure. Conveniently, you can draw up a detailed lesson plan by specifying your own goals. For example, increase the volume of the buttocks or increase biceps.
Seven - 7 Minute Workout app screenshot

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Home Workout – No Equipment

Cost -Free Contains Ads路Offers in-app purchases
In 2018, this mobile program received the “Best App” award from the Google Play version in the “Fitness” section. It is a collection of detailed and shown self-weight training for men and women. It is enough for the user to indicate his parameters and select the desired level of training. Available fitness programs are aimed at balancing weight and increasing the volume of muscles of the chest, back, arms, abs, buttocks and legs.

home-workout-no-equipments app screenshot
Users note that the visualization of classes is performed at a high level. The instructions for the exercises are detailed and understandable even to those who have never before playing sports. For beginners, tips and advice from trainers on tactics for completing complex tasks are provided.

An additional bonus will be the ability to track your own progress with the control of basic indicators.

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Nike Training Club (iOS and Android)

Cost-Offers in-app purchases
This mobile app was developed by Nike. Perhaps it contains the largest collection of home workouts with phased and visualized instruction on the execution technique. In total, 190 training programs lasting up to 45 minutes are available to the user.
nike training club
The peculiarity is that instructions for classes are added to the application not only at home, but also for the gym. You can also separately select running workouts that allow you to achieve significant progress in short or long distances. Versions for iOS and Android integrate with smart watches, which makes training management and time management even more convenient.

The application builds personalized programs according to the specified parameters of the body, taking into account that noticeable progress appears after 4 weeks. It’s great that in the process you can get nice bonuses and share the results with your friends.

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Lose Weight In 30 Days (iOS and Android)

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The application is based on a 30-day exercise program at home. This is the best solution for those who need to comprehensively prepare the body, for example, for the beach season. The training plan is aimed at burning subcutaneous fat, increasing the amount of muscle on the abdomen, buttocks, arms, chest and back. To complete the fitness program, you only need a soft mat.
Lose Weight In 30 Days app screenshot
On average, one lesson will take about 15-30 minutes. To achieve the desired result, you can control all body indicators, monitor the intensity of training, constantly increase the load. But the programs are built by professional instructors, so this functionality has already been laid in the database.

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8FIT (iOS and Android)

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This application will become not only a personal fitness trainer, but also a nutritionist at the same time! Home sports programs are focused on the Tabata system, when short, intense exercises alternate with short rests. This works very well for weight adjustment, since cardio loading helps burn fat and increase stamina.
8fit app screenshot
After registering with 8FIT, you must fill out a questionnaire with the parameters of your body. Based on this, the optimal composition of training and a nutrition menu with a one-day calorie limit will be selected. The user will only have to adhere to the recommendations and not miss homework.

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Adidas Training by Runtastic

Cost- Offers in-app purchases
Adidas decided to keep up with the trend by developing its own mobile app for home fitness.

adidas Training by Runtastic app screenshot


  • the availability of professionally filmed video instructions;
  • section with news and interesting sports content;
  • building an individual program for 12 weeks;
  • progress monitoring;
  • the presence of Russian-language voice guidance for exercises;
  • the ability to train with friends in a remote format.

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All the home fitness programs presented here expand the possibilities of physical activity without equipment and simulators. Applications can be easily synchronized with smart watches from various manufacturers, and the image can be displayed on a large TV (not supported by all software). Do not miss the opportunity to keep your body in shape, devoting your sport to just 30 minutes a day!

Write in the comments which applications help you stay fit.

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