September 17, 2021

Facebook has released an application for video authors


In an attempt to lure authors of video content from YouTube to Facebook, the company released a special application for them. It is called Facebook Creator and includes a number of tools for conducting broadcasts, creating stories and sending messages.


The company used to have an application for managing pages, as well as a special program for celebrities called Facebook Mentions. The company’s new product is actually an updated and renamed version of the latter (though Mentions from the App Store has not disappeared anywhere yet).

Facebook Creator has two main sections. In the first, unique features of Facebook Live are available, among which are the creation of user introductions and endings. Through the application, you can also make and edit photos, and then publish them on the social network in the form of stories and on other platforms.


The second section is connected with communication. This is a single box for comments from Facebook and Instagram and messages from the company’s messenger. Thanks to this box you do not need to switch between different applications to answer this or that person.
Among other things, Facebook Creator has a tab with the analysis of views of your content. The app is available on iOS, and on Android will appear in the coming months.

source: The Verge

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