October 28, 2021

Firefox will mark hacked sites


Recently, Mozilla has released a new, significantly improved version of Firefox called Quantum. Now she is working on a function that will appeal to anyone who worries about the security of the sites they visit. The browser will warn you if you went to a resource that was hacked.


The company collaborates with Troy Hunt, the author of the popular site Have I Been Pwned, where you can enter your mailbox and find out if your data ever got into the hands of hackers. Hunt confirmed that he is working with Mozilla on his Twitter page.

The development of the new function is at an early stage. But right now you can download its code from GitHub, compile it and add it to Firefox for testing. Do this operation will only work with the browser version for developers.

At the moment, the innovation is simple: when you visit the site from the list Have I Been Pwned you will be informed that you have come to a hacked site. The add-in does not block access to the resource, but simply makes it clear that it is unsafe.


Hunt is working on the code together with Mozilla, but does not know what the final version of the function will be. “Firefox simply looks at which sites were hacked, and we discuss how else it will be possible to use this data,” the developer said. “They have a wide reach, and showing this information in Firefox is a great way to tell people about data leaks.”

Source: Engadget


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