October 19, 2021

Flagship Samsung will be able to run Linux



The day before, information appeared that the South Korean company Samsung had opened for the latest released flagships of the Galaxy line the opportunity to work as Linux-based computers. This was stated by representatives of the company’s press service.

We remind you that this accessory serves to connect peripherals such as a monitor to a mobile phone.
On Samsung smartphones, it will be launched using a special application, and will run on Android. In the company Samsung said that this opportunity is aimed at those professionals who need a very mobile, but portable device for work. So, their smartphone can be used in any office where there is a monitor. It will display the necessary data from the phone.

As for this possibility, so far the project is under development, so it can not be started.
Earlier we reported that Samsung previously released a message that now the smartphones of its production have support for Windows 10.

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