October 19, 2021

How in Microsoft will fight with dishonest players

Today, October 23, there were data that Windows Windows decided to launch a stage of cardinal struggle against dishonest players. And the main weapon in this fight will be a special tool called TruePlay. Representatives of Microsoft say that it will help to eradicate the problem of dishonest players.


The technology will be added to the nearest Windows update. If you look more closely, the tool is a large-scale anti-cheat, which can be a developer in their projects. This potentially reduces the number of cheaters in popular games.

According to the latest information, if this technology is available, all games are automatically turned on only in security mode. This means that a dishonest player can not change the necessary code manually. And the program itself will search for all players who are trying to use forbidden programs. , To be more precise, the technology will adjust the specification of the operation of the complex. For example, you can set up so that cheaters are caught not only in the game on the network, but also in single mode.

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