September 17, 2021

In the new Microsoft Edge appeared mode “Incognito”

Microsoft continues to improve its Chromium-based Edge browser. In the fresh build on the Canary update channel (daily updates), a version with a built-in incognito mode has appeared. Reportedly, this mode will be similar to similar functions in other browsers.

In the In the new Microsoft Edge appeared mode

In particular, it is stated that when Edge opens pages in this mode, Microsoft Edge will not save browsing history, files and site data, various completed forms – passwords, addresses, and so on. However, the list of downloads and “Favorites” resources browser will record. However, this is normal practice, since true paranoids do not use Incognito for disguise.

Note that previously reported about the appearance in Microsoft Edge reading mode, the built-in translator, as well as the ability to synchronize with the mobile version of the browser. In this case, while some proprietary Google services still do not support the new “blue” web browser. With the company said that this is due to the test status of the program. As soon as the novelty gets to the release, it will be added to the โ€œwhite list of browsersโ€ for Google Docs.

As expected, the finished version will be available during this year, although the exact date in Redmond is not specified yet. It is possible that its output is suitable for the Windows 10 autumn update or will last until the spring of 2020. However, given the standalone installer for the program, it may be released separately. In any case, it will be quite interesting, since Microsoft and Google have joined forces to create a common product. What comes of it – we’ll see.

source: MSPoweruser

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