September 17, 2021

Instagram will allow joint broadcasts


The Instagram service will allow users to join the broadcasts of their friends. Now, at the moment of the “live broadcast”, in addition to the general chat and the ability to send a smiley, the “Request” button will also be lit, thanks to which you can request the possibility of a joint broadcast.


The very possibility of a live broadcast is borrowed from the Periscope service, which in its turn is directed solely to the video with the live broadcast of the device owner, and where it is also possible to send messages to the author of the video (or correspond with the other viewers).

In fairness, it should also be added that this is the third stage of the test period of the joint broadcasts of Instagram. At the first stage, even in the summer, there was an opportunity to add a friend from the list of your subscribers alongside your own video. Then, by the end of October, the opportunity was added to invite any of your viewers to a joint broadcast, if they have something to show. Now they began to work on appropriate opportunities for viewers in the form of the opportunity to request permission to participate in your broadcast.

In Instagram, a new option works if the author of the broadcast is a friend of a person who wants to request the possibility of sharing a video. If the author of the broadcast confirms the request, then the screen is divided into two parts – horizontally or vertically – depending on the current orientation, and a window with a live broadcast of the new participant of the joint video is added to the first video.

At the moment, the new option allows you to conduct up to two broadcasts on one screen, and only with the condition that the authors of both videos are friends of each other. The very possibility to request a joint broadcast can be disabled in the settings of the service so that no one interferes with your story, or – on the contrary – turn it on if you want your friend to always have the opportunity to connect to you and insert a couple of comments aloud regarding what is happening.

source:ย The Verge

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