October 19, 2021

A major update of Telegram: albums, improved search and more


The developers of the popular Telegram instant messenger have released an update for iOS and Android to version 4.5, which includes many new features: advanced options for sending photos, saving important messages, improving search, fixing messages in group chats, etc. In addition, the application was finally adapted to the new iPhone X with a non-standard display.

Sending photos


Now when sending multiple photos, you can set up the sequence in which they will be displayed by the recipient. In addition, sent pictures and videos can be grouped into albums – up to 10 files in each, collected in the form of a collage.

Profile photo


When viewing profile photos, all of them will be displayed as small thumbnails at the bottom of the screen – as when opening the album in the correspondence.

Saved messages


With the Telegram update, important messages can be saved in a separate chat. From it you can quickly move to a place in the correspondence, from where a message was “taken”.


Advanced Search

The developers have updated the algorithms for searching channels, groups and bots. Channels and bots can now be searched by their names, and the most popular content will always be displayed at the top of the list.

Stored messages in channels


Channel administrators can now attach messages to the top of the chat area.

Innovations for iOS

telegram-6 telegram-7

The new version of Telegram is fully optimized for iPhone X. In addition, the developers have updated the settings menu and the context menu in the chat rooms.



Source: telegram.org

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