October 28, 2021

Microsoft considers mixed reality the apogee of computer technology

microsoft ar-preview

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, believes that mixed reality is the crown of computing, and it is behind it that the future lies. He said that every sphere, from healthcare and education to entertainment, already benefits from decisions made with the HeloLens mixed reality helmet. According to Nadella, Microsoft is constantly improving its development in this area.

The head of the corporation believes that in the future we will use AR technology everywhere when virtual objects are displayed over the real world. Microsoft has been actively working in this direction for several years. The Redmond company created the HoloLens helmet and the Windows Mixed Reality platform, in which other manufacturers release their solutions.

Also, the head of Microsoft noted that in addition to mixed reality, part of the company’s long-term vision is the technologies of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Source: androidheadlines.com

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