October 19, 2021

Microsoft has expanded the capabilities of the Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft has announced a new widget store for the Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10, and also shared information about partners. Now any developer can create new custom widgets. The company is constantly working to improve the game panel, so it is likely that in the near future it will become more popular among users.

Xbox Game Bar 1

In order to access the new widget store, users need to join the Xbox Game Bar testing through the special application “Xbox Pre-Assessment Center”. In addition, Microsoft introduced a beta version of the Xbox Game Bar SDK for developers. Thanks to this, they will be able to embed their applications and services in the Xbox Game Bar. It is worth saying that this is a big step in the development of the Xbox Game Bar. Now users can go to the application store to find and download their favorite widgets. In addition, XSplit and Razer will release their widgets to support the updated game panel.

Xbox Game Bar 2

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XSplit Game Bar HUD gives users the ability to control streaming software on the computer without closing the game. Thanks to this, this widget is an excellent option for players who do not have a multi-monitor system. It is worth saying that for this widget to work, you need to install the free XSplit Gamecaster application. This software is a simple tool for streaming games on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook.

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Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar will also receive the Razer Cortex widget. This tool is built into many Razer laptops by default. With it, players can earn money by playing certain games. The money earned in this way can then be spent on buying keys to other games. In addition, this widget includes functionality for optimizing PC resources. It is capable of closing unnecessary processes to free up more hardware resources for games. It is worth saying that all the functions of the Razer Cortex widget can be controlled without the need to minimize the game.

source: verge

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