October 19, 2021

Microsoft Office for Android is now supported by everyone on the Chromebook

Last year, Google announced that it will transfer Android applications to the Chrome OS platform to make the Chromebooks more versatile and useful. Microsoft also claimed that it was working on supporting ChromeOS in its applications, but eventually limited itself to Google Pixelbook and several other devices.


However, the company promised that it will continue to work in this direction and will bring Office support for Android to all Chromebooks compatible with the Google Play store. It seems that this day has finally come: as the resource ChromeUnboxed informs, the full package of Microsoft Android Office is now available on all Chromebooks with Google Play, including Samsung Chromebook Pro, Acer C771 and two models of Chromebook 15.

Recall: install Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote from Google Play can almost any owner of the current Android-devices. However, for editing files on tablets or laptops with screens larger than 10.1 inches, you will need a paid subscription Office 365. This is true for all Chromebook.


The step is very important for all owners of devices based on Chrome OS, but especially for most US high schools that use in training Chromebooks and previously had to limit themselves to the capabilities of office applications of Google itself. Android versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel, of course, are far inferior to full desktop options, but at least they provide excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

source:ย chromeunboxed.com

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