October 19, 2021

Mozilla advertises a new Firefox, criticizing the old


Mozilla has released the 57th version of its open browser, which received the new name Firefox Quantum, to emphasize the fundamental innovations designed to make working with it more convenient. Innovations really mass. First of all, users will face a new visual style: developers call the interface more clear, modern, uniform and optimized for touch screens.
ff-quantum-1 ff-quantum-2
The second fundamental innovation is a fundamentally revised browser engine designed to take full advantage of modern multi-core systems. The company claims that its web browser has become twice as fast (compared to version 52 in the test package Speedometer 2.0), and when comparing the speed of loading pages easily bypasses the main competitor in the face of Google Chrome:

In addition, the browser is optimized to work with both 10 and 1000 open tabs – the developers claim that switching between them will be faster than ever before. In addition, Mozilla has improved the system of work with memory and claims that Firefox Quantum now consumes 30% less RAM than Chrome.


Also, Firefox got rid of the separate address and search lines. Now these elements are standardized in a universal panel. However, former users for the sake of habit or convenience can continue to use separate panels or manually activate a new style in the settings.


The section of the new page has also been revised, which now includes not only the most visited sites, but also the last open pages and recommendations from the Pocket service (the latter is available only to users in the US, Canada and Germany). For new users, Firefox will offer an updated guide to the use of key features.


Among the innovations is also worth noting the integration of the hardware video decoder AMD VP9, ​​which is designed to improve the efficiency of video playback and simultaneously reduce power consumption on compatible equipment. Finally, in the settings, the section for managing site permissions has been significantly expanded, and in order to increase productivity and improve security, Firefox now only supports extensions created with the WebExtension API – the older ones will not work.

Interestingly, to launch Firefox Quantum the company also introduced a new advertisement, which shows a series of people literally falling asleep in a gloomy atmosphere in front of the screen in anticipation of loading web pages.

The new browser makes their faces bright, cheerful and happy. It looks like an evil criticism of the old version of the browser. Cnet employees decided to ask this from the marketing department and received a rather expected diplomatic answer:

“Roller” Farewell, a waiting face “is dedicated to disappointment in the slow Internet in general and the fact that Firefox Quantum is an effective antidote. It is fast, because it is designed for modern devices and the people’s urgent requirements for the operation of the browser. “

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