October 19, 2021

Twitter messages of double length will be available to all users

Twitter microblogging service announced a twofold increase in the maximum possible number of characters in messages: now the limit is 280 characters instead of the previous 140.


Recall that the testing of the new system began in late September this year. Then it was reported that the innovation is designed to eliminate the language gap between Twitter users in different countries. The fact is that messages in Japanese, Korean and Chinese can contain much more information than messages with the same number of characters in other languages.
As it is now reported, testing has yielded positive results. If earlier approximately 9% of all tweets in English reached the limit (140 symbols), then with a doubling of the message length, this indicator fell to 1%.


The microblogging service notes that the innovation will allow users to express their thoughts more freely. Earlier, due to the inability to meet the 140 characters, you had to go to various tricks, cut down words and phrases. And often the users and did refuse to send messages, because the limit did not allow you to fully express yourself.
From now on, messages of double length will be available for all languages, where a 140 character limit could cause difficulties in composing messages.
We add that now the monthly number of active users of the microblogging service is about 330 million worldwide.

source: Twitter

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